Community Foundation of

Randolph County, Inc.


Each of us must be the change we want to see in the world.

-Mohandas Gandhi


The leaders we seek are among us already-- we are the leaders our democracy requires.

-Michael Briand


A community must work for all of its citizens.

-John Gardner


The more voices are heard, the stronger the organization.

-Barbara Kipper


Community building is not a spectator sport.

-Bruce Adams


Leadership is a position of servanthood.

-Max DePree


The future is not a gift. It's an achievement.

-Henry Lauder


We are confronted by insurmountable opportunities.



Success is a journey, not a destination.

-Ben Sweetland


Public leadership is not the prerogative of the few; it is the responsibility of the many.

-David Mathews


I don't believe in failure. It is not failure if you enjoyed the process.

-Oprah Winfrey


The time is always right to do what is right.

-Martin Luther King, Jr.


Start where you are; use what you have; do what you can.

-Arthur Ashe


One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time.

-André Gide


There is always one moment when the door opens and lets the future run in.

-Graham Greene

We are confronted by insurmountable opportunities.



Servant leadership begins with the individual leader putting people first.

-Anne T. Fraker




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2016 Scholarship Awards

Recipient Scholarship
Mississinawa Valley
Leslie Dirksen Adelsperger Family Scholarship
Wanda Mann Scholarship
Kasey Hummel Wanda Mann Scholarship
Grace Livingston Union City Kiwanis Club Scholarship
Madison Puderbaugh Myrtle M. Adelsperger Memorial Scholarship
Joseph Teeter Jay Gower Memorial Scholarship
Monroe Central High School
Cierra Burford Community Enrichment Scholarship
Morgan Haney Dr. Dianna K. Wolfe Memorial Scholarship
Community Enrichment Scholarship
Tristan Huddleston D.A.R.E. Randolph County Scholarship
Dora Lott Winchester Athena Club Scholarship
Joshua Randall Kellie Stephen Memorial Scholarship
Mackenzie Stahl Monroe Central Alumni Assoc. Scholarship
Katlynne Steveson Ralph W. Stuck Scholarship
Kendra Thornburg Winchester Order of Eastern Star Scholarship
Amber Morrow Memorial Scholarship
Monroe Central Alumni Assoc. Scholarship
New Castle High School
Alaina Murali Stephen Family Scholarship
Randolph Southern High School
Garrett Alka Dorothy Allen Memorial Scholarship
Ellie Miller Inez M. Howe Memorial Scholarship
Molly O'Connor Kellie Stephen Memorial Scholarship
Brendall Schweizer D.A.R.E. Randolph County Scholarship
Union High School
Jaylen Evans Union Township Alumni Scholarship
DeAnn Kauffman Ira & Olive Davisson Scholarship
Dylan Moore Kellie Stephen Memorial Scholarship
Evan Patterson Ethan Cheesman Memorial Scholarship
Jennifer Tutterow D.A.R.E. Randolph County Scholarship
Union City High School
Elizabeth Casillas Jason Rickert Memorial Scholarship
Godfrey-Wasson Scholarship
Nikolas Cline Stephen Family Scholarship
Ellexis Cook Adelsperger Family Scholarship
Amber Curry Delta/Myrtle Adelsperger Scholarship
Kody Denney Union City Class of 1970 Scholarship
Jessica Elliott Gene and Roberta Bennett Scholarship
Justin Fields Lykins Family Entrepreneurship Scholarship
Joette Longrick-Sigler Kathy Harshman Leverenz Scholarship
Sydney Livingston Dellarose Sickels Scholarship
Walter Shaw Music Scholarship
Kellie Stephen Memorial Scholarship
Wanda Mann Scholarship
Kali Miller Duane E. and Ruby M. Wickersham Memorial
Courtney Pearson Community Enrichment Scholarship
Yogen Solanki Chet Mock Memorial Scholarship
Community Enrichment Scholarship
Ashley Waddups Wanda Mann Scholarship
Winchester Community High School
Levi Baldridge Wallace and Edna Fields Scholarship
Judge Charles P. Holdeman Scholarship
Community Enrichment Scholarship
Randy Beer Phillip Hawley Memorial Scholarship
Austin Bogue Merrett R. Monks Scholarship
Michaela Brown Ruth Bales Fisch Memorial Scholarship
Rachel Brumfield Stephen Family Scholarship
Robert and Rachel Stump Scholarship
Community Enrichment Scholarship
Colin Burke D.A.R.E. Randolph County Scholarship
Kaitlin Cline Tammy Hall Scholarship
Gavin Craig Evelyn Ann Abernathy Memorial Scholarship
Winchester Kiwanis Club Scholarship
Luke Dotson Opal and Murray McGuire Scholarship
Beatrice E. Hughes Scholarship
Community Enrichment Scholarship
Titus Edwards Kevin Gulley Memorial Scholarship
Savanna Hale Richard and Mamie Fields Scholarship
Zoe Hargrave Dr. David D. Davis and Michael D. Wickersham
Elizabeth and Joe Gardner Scholarship
Abbragale Hawley Duane E. and Ruby M. Wickersham Memorial
Riley Hendrickson Winchester Area Chamber of Commerce
Winchester Order of Eastern Star Scholarship
Butch Mullen Scholarship
Charles F. Passmore Memorial Scholarship
Matthew Jackson Robert G. Jones Scholarship
Hagan Lawson Environmental Education Scholarship
Ira and Olive Davisson Scholarship
Winchester Kiwanis Club Scholarship
Leah Malkey Winchester Kiwanis Club Scholarship
Sarah Mallory John B. Mallory Memorial Scholarship
Robert J. Litschert Memorial Scholarship
Lindsey McCoy Jack W. and Ione M. Carpenter Scholarship
Shelby Moreland Russell Symmes Scholarship
Rebecca Neville Gary Horner Memorial Scholarship
Rosemary Shockney Scholarship
Community Enrichment Scholarship
Elena North Donnabelle Gaylor Scholarship
Maddelyn Reindl-Greenan Inez M. Howe Memorial Scholarship
Winchester Kiwanis Club Scholarship
Mariah Roberts Jay and Linda Wagner Memorial Scholarship
Kellie Stephen Memorial Scholarship
Jalisa Rush Kevin Gulley Memorial Scholarship
Chelsea Shewman Virginia Davis Crew Weber Scholarship
Abigail Shores Community Enrichment Scholarship
Tanner Stanley Harry Fuller and Thelma Way Fuller Memorial
Kevin Gulley Memorial Scholarship
Elliott Waber Randolph County Board of Realtors
Emily White Anne and Wayne Hinchman Memorial
June Potter Memorial Scholarship
Herold Scholarship
Stephanie Dirksen